Inglog Has Moved

We’re moving! Moved, actually. The running log that you’ve come to know as Inglog now has a new name and a new address. All of your data has been migrated over automatically, the log functions and stats are pretty much the same (with a few improvements), and there are a couple of new tools for you to use. This is good news all around. There’s no catch.

Don’t worry, ownership of the site didn’t change and isn’t going to. Your data is safe. And the site will remain free to use.

Longtime users might remember that Inglog wasn’t the original name of this log. That rebrand was a bit of a mistake, to be honest. It was an attempt to start making the site more of a log for triathletes, but that never really went anywhere. This was always primarily a running log, and the confusing name was keeping new users from finding it. That’s the main reason for the change.

It also provided a good opportunity to go through and clean up everything a bit. That will be a work in progress — look for further improvements in the coming months.

In the meantime, if you find any bugs or have any requests for new features, get in touch. We always enjoy hearing from you.