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Deer River, Minnesota · Male


Why He Runs
I run to relax.

Upcoming Races
Ragnar New York May 13-14 2011 Grandma's Marathon. June 18 2011

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Personal Records

Race TypeTimePaceRace NameYearLoc.
5 Kilometers16:395:22Tall Timber Days 5k2011MN
10 Kilometers37:115:59Deer River Wildrice run2011MN
7 Miles49:177:02Ragnar Relay2011MN
8 Miles1:00:007:30Ragnar Relay2011WI
15 Kilometers1:07:507:17Newnan's Lake 15k Run2011FL
Half Marathon1:29:176:49Bigfork Valley Challenge2011MN
Marathon3:30:428:02Grandma's Marathon2011MN

Stats // Past 30 Days

Total Distance0.0 miles
Number of Runs0
Distance per Run0.00 miles
Distance per Day0.00 miles
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Average Pace 
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