New York, New York · 27 · Female


Why She Runs

Running Goals
Run faster. Run farther. Either one will do.

Upcoming Races
Shamrock Marathon (3/18/12)

Favorite Running Spot
Harlem Hills in Central Park. Or the Hudson River Greenway.

Favorite Professional Runner
Scott Jurek

Running Music

Started Running
In my freshman year of high school PE, I found myself at the head of the pack during the weekly mile. Eventually this led to running on my own (a couple miles here and there), and then a brief stint on the XC team. I took on too much too soon, and got injured. From there, I only ran sporadically through the rest of high school. After moving to New York for college, I caught the running bug again. A couple years later, I trained for and finished my first marathon. Now it's time to buck up and really push my limits.

Personal Records

Race TypeTimePaceRace NameYearLoc.
Marathon4:47:0910:57Chicago Marathon2011 

Stats // Past 30 Days

Total Distance0.0 miles
Number of Runs0
Distance per Run0.00 miles
Distance per Day0.00 miles
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