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Why do I have to be logged in to record my run?
If you’re not logged in, we don’t know who to attribute the miles to. You wouldn’t want someone else taking credit for them, would you?

I don’t have a Run Hive account, can I still record my run?
Yes, but you’ll need to get an account first. Don’t stress. It’s super easy, and it’s completely free.

What’s the difference between Record a Workout and Upload Data File?
If you click one of the buttons below Record a Workout, you’ll be taken to a form where you can type in data about your run, ride, swim, or cross-training workout manually. Think of it as a mini-workout for your fingers! Bonus: You don’t have to buy a special watch or download another app on your phone.

But if you want to store a map of your route, examine elevation data, or look at the paces from different segments of your run — or if you just really hate typing — you’ll need to upload a GPS file using the Upload Data File section instead. More info on how to do that can be found below.

What’s a TCX file? And how do I get mine?
A TCX file is an activity file generated by many GPS watches and workout tracker apps that can be used to upload your data on this page. If your watch is a Garmin, the easiest way to download your TCX file is to Array If it’s a Polar, go to Polar Flow, select your activity, and scroll down to the export link near the very bottom of the page. And if it’s a Suunto, go to Movescount, select your Move, find the Tools menu (on the right, under the calendar with all the Moves) and select “Export as TCX” from it.

What’s a GPX file? Is it different from a TCX file?
Like TCX, a GPX file is an XML file generated by many GPS watches that can be used to upload data on this page. It’s an open source file format meant for distributing route data and works well at that. But… GPX files don’t contain much of the data useful to runners that TCX files do, like laps, elapsed distance, and device metadata. So, if possible, grab the TCX but, if it’s not available, GPX is a good substitute. (Note: We calculate the distance here on Run Hive whenever a GPX file is uploaded.)